Mini-piping is the perfect finishing touch for collars, sleeve bands and yokes on children's clothing.  It is prepackaged in 3 yard cuts and is made from Imperial Broadcloth and Microchecks.  Uncovered minicording is also available for making your own piping.


Type in the quantity you desire. Yardage must be typed in decimals:

1/8 = .13

1/4 = .25

3/8 = .38

1/2 = .50

5/8 = .63

3/4 = .75

7/8 = .88

Example: If you need 2 5/8 yd. type 2.63 in the quantity space.

Click on CARTADDSML.GIF (1624 bytes).


Uncovered Minicording - White



Solid Mini-Piping  (Click to view colors)
Made with Spechler/Vogel's Imperial Broadcloth


Microcheck Mini-Piping   (Click to view colors)
Made with Spechler/Vogel's Imperial Microchecks


Tri Color Pima Check Mini-piping - Made with Fabric Finder's pima tri-color checks

Matching covered buttons-new colors!!


Pima Baby Check Mini-piping - Made with Spechler/Vogel's pima baby checks - 12 colors to choose from.

Matching covered buttons-new colors!!


Whipped Piping: (Click to view colors)
Two tone rayon whip stitch piping on white cotton base



Rayon Soutache Braid

Piping is sold in 1 yard increments. 
Select your desired yardage then
click on



Ice Pink

Ice Blue



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