Embroidery Accessories

Listed below are a few of the accessories we carry for fine hand embroidery.
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Sewline Sure Guide
Needle Threader

The "Sure Guide Needle Threader" will thread very fine needles (size 9-12). The case slides open to reveal a clever mechanism. Simply insert the needle and lay the thread in the groove. Pressing lightly on the lever directs a shaped pin into the thread through the needle eye. If the pin hits resistance it will stop, preventing it from breaking. The case will hold needles and the top has a magnet so you can easily pick up those small needles.

$ 16.00


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Ultimate Marking Pencil
Always sharp, washes out, consistent line width, thread covers pencil line, never smears, fits stencil openings.  .5mm super thin lead for fabric/comes with 12 refill leads

$ 6.00


Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen
Blue $

Available in blue ink for light fabrics and white ink for darker fabrics.  For best results, use on washable fabrics.  Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics.

  • Always test marking pen on the fabric you are using to be sure marks will completely disappear.  Some fiber contents, fabric finishes or dyes (red and pink in particular) may not be suitable for use with this pen.
  • Mark fabric lightly.
  • To remove marks, rub gently with clean cloth moistened with plain water.
  • If marks reappear when fabric dries, repeat removal process.

NOTE:  Do not iron over marks or launder before completely removing with plain water.  Some laundry products containing sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate may "set" marks if they are not completely removed before laundering.

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Wendy Schoen's Individual Needle Packs


#7:  Perfect for beginning shadow work. Also Smocking & Point de Paris stitch  12/pkg
#9:  Perfect for Point de Paris & Shadow work, stem, outline stitch, granito, backstitch & cutwork   12/pkg
#10:  Perfect for shadow work.  Hemstitch, satin stitch, stem or outline stitch, granito, backstitch & drawn thread work.    9/pkg
#12:  Perfect for all types of french hand sewing.  Roll & whip tiniest seams, most delicate of embroidery stitches & miniscule blindstitches.  9/pkg




#11:  This very pointed, round-eyed small-frame needle is excellent for maky tiny, tight bullions.  Satin stitch, whip stitch & blindstitch 12/pkg
#12:  The smallest sharps available.  Perfect for making tiny, tight bullions.   Whip stitch & blind stitch    9/pkg




#7:  Perfect for using Floche.   Other uses include quilting, patchwork, applique, running stitch & backstitch   12/pkg




#26:  This is the smallest tapestry needle available.  Perfect for Fil Tire, other uses include shadow work, Point de Paris & petit point.     6/pkg




Embroidery Threads






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