Embroidery Accessories

Listed below are a few of the accessories we carry for fine hand embroidery.
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Sewline Sure Guide
Needle Threader

The "Sure Guide Needle Threader" will thread very fine needles (size 9-12). The case slides open to reveal a clever mechanism. Simply insert the needle and lay the thread in the groove. Pressing lightly on the lever directs a shaped pin into the thread through the needle eye. If the pin hits resistance it will stop, preventing it from breaking. The case will hold needles and the top has a magnet so you can easily pick up those small needles.

$ 16.00


Sewline Styla
Water Soluble Ink Marker

Precision formed, ceramic rolling ball point gives smooth movement across fabrics without snagging or damaging the weave. The 0.8mm point gives a fine line that doesn't bleed and gives an even lay down of ink, right to the last drop.  The ink is a pale blue and deepens after a few moments. Lines are easily removed with the Sewline Aqua Eraser or water. Do not iron marks.
Wonderful for embroidery and marking on light colored fabrics.

$ 5.50


Transfer Artist Paper
by Lesley Riley

Lesley Riley's Transfer Artist Papers (TAP) 5 iron-on image transfer sheets. Each sheet measures 8.5" x 11".

$ 13.00


Needle Nest
by Collins
A purse size magnetic Needle Nest holds numerous needles intact for easy selection. See all your needles at a glance

$ 5.00


Collins Beeswax & Holder
Prevents thread from tangling when hand sewing. Plastic case has slots for running thread through beeswax. Will not stain or discolor thread.




3" wooden embroidery Hoop with solid brass closures and smooth round edges

$ 2.50


4" wooden embroidery Hoop with solid brass closures and smooth round edges

$ 6.95


5" wooden embroidery Hoop with solid brass closures and smooth round edges

$ 3.00


bates4in.gif (26478 bytes)

Susan Bates
6" Embroidery Hoop & Frame

$ 2.95


bates4in.gif (26478 bytes)

Susan Bates
8" Embroidery Hoop & Frame

$ 3.25


Susan Bates
4 1/2" x 9" Oval Embroidery Hoop & Frame



Clover Chaco Liner
Draw thin line with Clover's Chaco liners. Easy to use with a screw cap for powder refilling. Leak proof!

$ 7.00


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Ultimate Marking Pencil
Always sharp, washes out, consistent line width, thread covers pencil line, never smears, fits stencil openings.  .5mm super thin lead for fabric/comes with 12 refill leads

$ 6.00


Ultimate Marking Pencil II for Quilters & Crafters
.7mm Super-thin lead for fabric.  Stays sharp, washes out, never smears, consistent line width, fits stencil openings.

$ 6.25


fineline.gif (24393 bytes)

The Fine Line
Water erasable marking pen.  New pin-point tip marker that produces a very fine thin line, easily removed with plain water.

$ 5.99


Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencil - White

Specially formulated leads give a clear, fine line on fabrics.  Lines are easily removed from most fabrics with the special Sewline Eraser or removed by dabbing with a damp cloth or washing.  Simply rub off with the eraser or dab off with a damp cloth.   It is comfortable to use and refills of leads and erasers are available. Comes with 6 refill leads.



Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencil - Black

Mechanical fabric pencil with CERAMIC leads - gives clear, clean lines that are easily removed with attached eraser or damp cloth. No more messy chalk or lines you can't remove! It is comfortable to use and refills of leads and erasers are available.



Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencil Refills Leads
6 leads - .9mm


Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen
Blue $
5.50 / White $7.50

Available in blue ink for light fabrics and white ink for darker fabrics.  For best results, use on washable fabrics.  Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics.

  • Always test marking pen on the fabric you are using to be sure marks will completely disappear.  Some fiber contents, fabric finishes or dyes (red and pink in particular) may not be suitable for use with this pen.
  • Mark fabric lightly.
  • To remove marks, rub gently with clean cloth moistened with plain water.
  • If marks reappear when fabric dries, repeat removal process.

NOTE:  Do not iron over marks or launder before completely removing with plain water.  Some laundry products containing sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate may "set" marks if they are not completely removed before laundering.

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by Havel
The most popular addition to the Havel's line of sewing scissors, the Snip-A-Stitch is the perfect scissors for removing a single stitch. The notched blade slides easily under a single thread and cuts quickly and cleanly. An easy squeeze action is ideal for arthritic hands and makes picking up simple. Great for all types of needlearts and embroidery! 4 1/2" in length.



EmbrScissors.gif (29410 bytes)

Gingher 4" Embroidery Scissors
with Leather Sheath
These 4"embroidery scissors are used for thread cutting in sewing, embroidery & needlework.  The handle bows are fitted the a comfortable feel to the thumb and finger.  Both blades have sharp points.  Hot drop forged, fully chrome plated.



Gingher 4" Large Handle Embroidery Scissors
with Leather Sheath
Embroidery scissors with larger handles make intricate work easy. A slightly stronger frame is ideal for cutting one layer of fabric,  strands of embroidery threads, and lighter needlework yarn. Sharp points are great for snipping tight threads. These scissors have a  double-plated chrome over nickel finish and includes a leather sheath.



Famore 4 1/2" Blunt Tip Pocket Scissors
(Safety Scissors, Blunted Tips for safe carry and pockets)
Famore Blunt Tip Pocket Safety Scissors are a perfect choice for heirloom sewers as well as beginners.  Razor sharp cut without fear of your projects getting jabbed, stabbed, or snagged from sharp tips.  Comes highly recommended by the long arm quilting community.
Forged from German stainless steel and easy to keep clean.



SharpeningStone.gif (22275 bytes)

Gingher Sharpening Stone with leather sheath
The Gingher sharpening stone is used for sharpening (honing) all knife edge scissors and shears



John James Professional Needle Collection
Innovative line of coated needles from the renowned John James of England. Needle slides effortlessly through fabric and batting.
14K gold eye - easy threading. 10/pkg

$ 3.75


John James Professional Needle Collection
The ultimate collection for all your sewing & handicraft needs.  Included are Sharps, Quilting, Darners, Embroidery Tapestry, Chenille, Milliners and a threader

$ 10.00


Wendy Schoen Needle Portfolio
Basic Selection
(formally pink portfolio)
One package each of #9 & #10 Crewel,#7 Between, #7 Darner,
#10 Sharps, & #26 Tapestry,
Needle Guide, 20 pg booklet on sizes& uses

$ 20.00


Wendy Schoen Needle Portfolio
Intermediate Selection
(formally purple portfolio)
One package each of #7 Long Darners, #10 Crewel, #10 & # 11 Sharps,
#24 Chenille & #26 Tapestry
Needle Guide, 20 pg booklet on sizes & uses

$ 20.00


wsneedle.gif (23889 bytes)

Wendy Schoen's Individual Needle Packs


#7:  Perfect for beginning shadow work. Also Smocking & Point de Paris stitch  12/pkg
#8:  Medium sized needle for those just beginning shadow work & a staple for smocking   12/pkg
#9:  Perfect for Point de Paris & Shadow work, stem, outline stitch, granito, backstitch & cutwork   12/pkg
#10:  Perfect for shadow work.  Hemstitch, satin stitch, stem or outline stitch, granito, backstitch & drawn thread work.    9/pkg
#12:  Perfect for all types of french hand sewing.  Roll & whip tiniest seams, most delicate of embroidery stitches & miniscule blindstitches.  9/pkg




#10: Perfect for Bullions, hems & general purposes.  Other uses include satin stitch, lazy daisy, granito & running stitch  12/pkg
#11:  This very pointed, round-eyed small-frame needle is excellent for maky tiny, tight bullions.  Satin stitch, whip stitch & blindstitch 12/pkg
#12:  The smallest sharps available.  Perfect for making tiny, tight bullions.   Whip stitch & blind stitch    9/pkg




#7:  Perfect for using Floche.   Other uses include quilting, patchwork, applique, running stitch & backstitch   12/pkg




#7: This sturdy, long-eyed needle is ideally suited to picture smocking.  Other uses include crewel or tapestry embroideries, running stitch & other darning stitch embroideries    9/pkg
#7 Long:  The very long, sturdy, long-eyed needle is ideally suited to picture smocking.  Other uses incude running stitch & darning stitch embroideries 9/pkg




#26:  This is the smallest tapestry needle available.  Perfect for Fil Tire, other uses include shadow work, Point de Paris & petit point.     6/pkg



The perfect magnifier-helps you see every detail in sharp focus.  Comfortable lightweight cushioned headband fits like a visor.   Move lens out of way when not needed.  Use with or without prescription glasses.  Available in two strengths.  Comes two easily removable lens.

          Mageyes Double Lo - 1.6X and 2.0X lens

                Mageyes Double Hi - 2.25X and 2.75X lens



Embroidery Threads






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